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ACT volunteers fill a critical void in the services being provided by emergency personnel in Yavapai County by being available immediately following a traumatic event. ACT volunteers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 3 shifts per month and are on the scene of a tragedy within an average of thirty minutes of being called. ACT volunteers provide assistance to victims and families within the first few hours of their victimization. They handle the 'emotional first aid' and provide a sense of order to those who require it.

For example, ACT volunteers might assist a child left alone after the death or injury of a parent; they may provide emotional support to children who witness tragic events; help an elderly person after the death of a spouse; assist a tourist who experienced a tragedy while away from home; console parents after the death of a child; help employees after a tragedy in the workplace, assist survivors of suicide or emotionally shaken victims of auto accidents, or even victims of crime.

Who can be an ACT Volunteer?

ACT volunteers are a highly trained, certified group of individuals that are called by emergency personnel to provide support to emotionally traumatized citizens on a 24-hour, 365 day a year basis. Volunteers are required to be on the scene of a tragedy and provide assistance to victims and families within the first few hours of their victimization. Volunteers are on call a minimum of 3 AM or PM shifts per month and are required to attend a monthly Continuing Education meeting.

ACT Volunteers are men and women of all ages and occupations. Their common thread is a deep desire to help others. Many of our volunteers have been through a traumatic event themselves and realize the importance of immediate support from a caring and knowledgeable person.

How to become an ACT Volunteer

Becoming an ACT Volunteer is a very rewarding, yet very serious commitment. Volunteers are required to complete 50 hours of training. After graduating, volunteers are required to be available for 3- twelve hour shifts per month and to attend monthly Continuing Education Meetings.

If you are interested in signing up to be an ACT Volunteer, please fill out the following form for more information about becoming a volunteer.

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